The Shoutbox
I'm getting rather pissed with portland. Bout ready to go postal..
It's 2:20am here. I thought I'd pop in, say hi.

Congratulations Too$e!
Geeking it up some more today. Hopefully the feature I'm working on'll be done in the next couple of days. It's pretty cool.
I have mixed feelings as well
I think he's odd, and sometimes annoying, but some of that stuff is undeniably hilarious, man. Oh yeah, good morning from Pennsylvania.
Never really liked "Taxi". Mainly due to Andy Kauffman. Didn't like him much. Likeed "Man on the Moon" although I know Hold's' will disagree with me.
Ohhhh yes. Didn't know his name. I know the chap you're speaking of now, though. I do indeed dig.
The Reverend Jim Ignatowski isn't a Michael Richards character, it's another great scene-stealing supporting character from a sitcom: Christopher Lloyd played him on "TAXI", dig?