The Shoutbox
Create an announcement or something telling people about the Tipping thing. Or would you like me to start a thread or something?
You think that A Beautiful Mind is going to take it out?! Where's your faith, man?!
I'm not in it for flavors! I'm in it for chocolate that melts in your mouth and not in your hand dammit!!
Blah. They're just chocolate, man. That's ALL. Nothing more. You can imagine all you want, but the green one does NOT taste al.
It's not so much a forum.
Just take a look. It's quite well done.
Peanuts CAN'T be used to perfection!!
Mars rocks!! Snickers stinks!!

M&M's take the cake in the end though, over all the bars, these crisp candy shelled bite size peices of chocolate RULE.
Blah, a forum? I hate it already.

Interesting, though. I guess this means we can all join and easily determine a winner?

You go there, and log in, right?
You need a Yahoo account.
Then, go to "Join a Private Group".

Then the MoFo Group ID# is:


The password is:


We've got a little message board, chat and a place to make offical picks and changes up until the date, and when that's done we get a ranking out of everyone on Yahoo who joined the poll, and then out of MoFo.

What does you think?
Proud of the Mole?

eh, ok then.
Sounds like a Three Musketeers. Picnic? Nope, don't think so. Snickers are AWESOME, you got it? Get used to it, bud, because it is an undeniable LAW. I'm not a peanuts guy, but Snickers, amazingly, uses them to absolute perfection.