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Anyone catch Andy Richter Controls the Universe?

I'm sitting down to catch the encore presentation and it looks hilarious!
The Gorilla will have his day...
Or night. Wink. Wink. Rape. Rape. Nudge. Nudge.
I told you it was today Spud! I bribed the dang zookeeper for goodness sake!
Yeah, I'll get those two reviews done as soon as possible. I was planning on doing them last night, but I spent all my time working on the investor packages for Oblivion.

I need to know whether the extra features on Being John Malkovich and Run Lola Run are the same on either side of the Pacific, otherwise the reviews in that respect won't matter much will they?
I'll send you a PM
Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!
What do I need to explain, Spud?
Actually, that gorilla DID come after me. At least I think it was the gorilla, it was a dark alleyway.
Be nice to him, Spudly. You don't want that gorilla coming at you.'ve got some splainin to do.
Chris has an active shoulder...gotta get in line Well I'm off to fix up Mose's database ... later guys!

Hi SB...