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I want a clown playing an accordion at MY funeral. And i hope it rains.
i wanna be know as the non-serious funny guy when i die. but just the right amount. not the kind where theyre like they were so funny. and thats why they died in that boating accident.
I think I got tired of all the other shows I loved getting killed. And the show about zombies just wouldnt die. I have watched most of the spin offs, tho. Zombie genre has never been stronger, and Im so over it.
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I quit TWD at season 5, and I haven't lost a bit of sleep.
You're definitely not alone. I stuck it out to the bitter end though. Don't really know why since I've given up on other shows. Bojack Horseman, The Simpsons. I've even lost patience with limited series like Secret Invasion. And I watched the first episode of the new True Detective and haven't felt any tug at going back. But I stuck it out with The Walking Dead. Hate Watching FTW!
that counted as 1 btw.
(technically, 2, counting this addition!)
as opposed to Dog Day Afternoon?
three dog night tickets
wtf is happening to me?
i'm starting to think that the older generations didn't get beat enough as children. is it too late?
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I am taking an educated guess here and predicting I will over take Yoda on the leaderboard before Christmas.
Always two there are, a master and an apprentice
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I 100% do not want to be the person with the most shouts. I welcome my figurative death.
don't worry, we will give you a proper burial