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Those Fighting Illini baseball jerseys where tha shizwizzabangsnipsnapsnip!
Cross cross will make ya jump! Jump!
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Slide in all directions

criss cross.
cha cha, real smooth.

(i'm very sorry)
Slide in all directions
I have a feeling that we are going to have a generation where we are gunna have to let so many things slide. Like we will be all how do you not realize this or why are you so awkward? Oh, you got the telecooties.
How conviiieeeennnntttt. They had already dropped using Zoom for my class last week.

Now its an extra assignment and the one day on campus. Im not complaining.

I will be keeping an out for any healthcare workers that come from this time period.
And in a single moment ZOOM becomes MOOZ.

Wish they'd called it ZOOB, would've been so much better for this comment.
Zoom is down worldwide. Bravo. Get everyone hooked on your product and then cut it with so much baby formula it doesn't even work anymore. It's the dealer's way.
Pfffft, anybody who knows Dan Quayle is well aware his preference with regards new superheroes has always been for The Fluorescent Fowle.
Just got off the blower with Dan Quayle, his vote was for The Red Potatoe.
Good name for a superhero that - Pertato Flash.