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Originally Posted by Torgo
One time, I unwrapped one and it was empty. I hate being foiled.
I ordered what I thought was ridiculously expensive “luxury” jelly from a high-end store, unwrapped it this morning and found.... empty jelly forms. Which I now know are even more outrageously expensive than I’d deemed the “jelly” to be. Now I need to buy bloody gelatine and whatnot and make my own.
One time, I unwrapped one and it was empty. I hate being foiled.
I like swallowing those chocolate coins that come in the gold wrapper. I just have to remember to take them out of the wrapper first.
Got to admit swallowing coins is becoming a little more appealing - unlike current savings rates at least you get a little interest. Usually about 2-3 days I've heard
Yeah. My cousin swallowed some coins once when she was little.

100% of the time I'd rather have an ordinary dollar than a bottom dollar. Iderno, the latter just doesn't sound like something I want to handle or have sitting in me pocket
New review in my thread.
Ya bet'cher bottom dollar.
I just hope Annie's okay.

But yeah, that is frustrating. The bigger health insurance companies get, the more red tape you have to cut through.