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Ah I see what happened. There was no link. I looked it up, but only found a KP-53HS30 53" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television instead.
Nah, it was a SD. I passed on it. Then was offered a HD CRT RPTV. And I'm going to pass on that one, too.
I sometimes feel like the terms ‘ended’ and ‘was cancelled’ are used interchangeably for TV shows. If something has completed its narrative trajectory and ended by all reasonable standards, then surely it can’t have been ‘cancelled’? 🤷🏼*♀️
The one you linked yesterday. I thought it was HD but was too lazy to go check the link again.
Which one? My Trinitron?
Wasn't that tubby CRT a 1080?
This. This Is.
This is an odd first name
Who has two thumbs and made too many of these?

This guy
Or maybe one of these: