The Shoutbox
People and their search words...
Iím reading up on getting a drone license so I can record aerial footage for profit.
This Jordan doc is gonna be the sports doc to end all sports docs. What's up Doc?

As great as it will be, it would have been even better if it would have been shown as planned, during the off-nights of The Finals that were all but guaranteed to have LeBron. Oooohhh, that would have been savory.

Rebuilding the search index, just in case search is really wonky or the site hangs slightly.
Shrek on TV atm.
Just noticed a problem.

If Farquaad marries Fiona, he would be a Prince Consort, not a King.
Movie ruined.
Just spent a small fortune on accessories for that GoPro. Iím investing my COVID money in my business.
Walmart has a discount going if anybody is due for a phone upgrade and wants the new iPhone SE. AT&T and Verizon post paid plans only.
Yeah, and GoPro had their gyro handheld module on sale, so I snagged that too.
Got it! I'll tell my friend never mind then.
Haha, yeah, I bought the Hero 5 Black. Itíll do 4K at 24fps, which is the exact format I want. But I just looked at the chart of everything else it does and Iím gunna be able to make some awesome time altered videos. Just wonít be 4K