The Shoutbox
WAIT wait wait..... did I step into an alternate dimension?
totes crushing here. and that chick with the straight jacket straps still loose from her institution escape?! MY KINDA WOMAN!

It's a fool's game. It's a shame shame.
looks like a creature that lurked the waters before the continents separated. i'm totally down with that.
Points deducted for not saying Pepstea.
you mean pepsi and tea.

Coke and coffee.
Annoying Oscar banner glow operational. Annoying Oscar PMs commencing today.

It's THIS SUNDAY, people!
One of my credit cards just introduced a new feature that couldve saved me money in interest all last year. Gotta love big banks.
"I wish the ring had never come to yn."
And thus the intrepid trio started on their trek to Mordor, both Mama Yods and the fearsome Torgo really hoping that Yinbo would be able to keep his ring covered up the entire journey this time....
There are now three to our fellowship.