The Shoutbox
i feel like i was giving out too much info, oops
Money’s money. And herpes is the gift that keeps on giving.
Remy Martin has a commercial with Usher.

“Cause you’re gonna
get herpes tonight.”
I might be picking up extra hours at work as a janitor. Slinging a toilet brush again. Noble work.
*dog stomping to the beat*
ima hap, hap, hap-ee guy; oh ima happy happy hap-ee guy!!
I’m a hack. My brain always falls back to Eddie Murphy’s break out single.

And then it implants itself in my brain like a parasite 🦠
I hear Lamar's voice: "potty, potty, POTTY!"

Doom: Knee Deep in the ****
One upside of home ownership; when you clean up potty water, you can take solace in it being your potty water.
So upon closer look at the report and talking with people I am not as JWF as I thought. Here's to hoping I get a FHA appraisal coupon.