The Shoutbox
There are now three to our fellowship.
Eagle Eye gave us the best copy store name, Copy Cabana, so there's that.
I take your concession on Eagle Eye.
As an adult, I have a wok I rarely use.
I have never had an ewok.
I'm sure they are tasty, though, if stir-fried properly.
With some carrots.
Let the rabbits wear glasses. This is necessary.
As an adult, I have a wok. As a kid, I had an Ewok poster. For everything there is a seasoning.
Eagle Eye is the greatest political docu-drama of the last 50 some odd years. Fight me.
Going to watch Ringu with subtitles and no sound. @clerval inspired me.
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
Crack that whip!
One of only a few phrases that can be reversed and still be used within the BDSM world.
Crack that whip!
A whippet good?