The Shoutbox
I love the seasons...which is why I love MI so much. What makes this state even more fun is 1.) the Great Lakes are always interesting to watch when it comes to lake effect snow and 2.) It was 60 degrees down south where I am, my parents were skiing on a foot of fresh powder up north... Yeah baby!!! Boy was I in the wrong part of the state today!
Yeah, I could choose to live in San Diego and have it be sunny and seventy-two-degrees three-hundred days a year, but I actually like the seasons.

Back when we actually had seasons, I mean.
That's California.
Hilarious, maybe? A good sign of what our environment is going through? Probably not as funny.

But gotta say, it's been nice not having to worry about negative-thirty-some windchills this year. On a day-to-day practical level, it's been nice.
We've entered summer much later than usual. Usually it's heaps hot around December, but this year it's taken until February to get nice. I think it'd be hilarious if one day the seasons move so much so as that they're the opposite of now. You guys have summer over December and January and we have it over June and July.
Shout 459!!!
And then you answer my question before I can even ask it. Spooky.

Are you having an unseasonable Summer like we are having an unseasonable Winter on the other side of the globe?
Yeah, I didn't get the shout total as an aside. Thanks for clearing that up - though I didn't need the reassurance.

What kind of a morning is it Down Under?
I'm swellegant!
Beautiful day!
Best in a long while!
Gonna post a niiiiiice LOTR-related update soon. Keep an eye out for it. How're things, Bullet Boy?
I'm only saying my number of shouts because I find it humorous Holden.

Mr. No Friends.
Heh heh heh.
Joking, in case you need that reassurance.