The Shoutbox
Yes, hilarious.

Mornin', Silver.
SHOUT #255

*oops, I forgot c0ck is a naughty word in some contexts. Take that, Mr. Barrie.
SHOUT #254

Cock-a-doodle-doo, Peter! And straight on 'till morning.
SHOUT 600!

Good mornin' Neverland.
What mystery is that, SC?
HAHA...i've been watching TNT all day...Carrie, Exorcist, now Tremors..

I've also been working on my church's site. Looks good surprisingly
i sure hope there is some more activity around here later tonight. sheesh, i gotta get a life.
How is everyone today???
it's practically t-shirt weather here!!!!!!!! whoooohoooooooooooo