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Someone needs to start a pool for Trump's twitter ban. I'll put good money on it being less than an hour after he leaves office.
Oh... 12 hours.
Temp ban.
I guess calling a racist a "backwards inbred from an outdated era" is bannable, but only temp bannable.

I was really getting into Twitter as well
Yeah, they suck at nuance, and also aren't terribly consistent. It's a mess over there.
So Twitter just banned me.
I called a racist out. I got banned.

Twitter: Supporting racists since 2006.
Originally Posted by Yoda
No. What's that?
A Canadian film, pretty funny, not everyone's cup of tea though.
No. What's that?
Anyone ever watch Fubar?
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I love LOST. One of my favorites shows.
gosh love that show. sawyer and juliet my favs and kate and jack my favs and charlie
I love LOST. One of my favorites shows.
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Binging (again) and up to season 5. such great television!!
Well, nothing beats Lost.