The Shoutbox
Guys, my bully told me across the internet that he wouldnt be sad when i died and I was a spinning image of a drunk father, I wonder if he would say the same to my face
guys, loud noises
Take my victory laps when I can
Lord of the MoFo night i suppose.
I was sooooo close, but the talk of cutting shears got in the way
So we now live in a time when The Phantom Menace is a misunderstood masterpiece and old folks just dont understand art?
Losing it on FB guys, im reeling in but the innuendo is starting to fail
Theres some many masters to serve here at the mofo, not just Yoda.
Late night with the dev....I mean Constantine.
Again, these early mofo hours are a curious time to be alive
a person should really face their fears