The Shoutbox
Examples: nobody with over 1,000 shouts has under 1,000 posts.
If you mean literally ever, I'm guessing it's just the odd spammer or people who never stuck around. If it's "among usernames I recognize," it'd probably have to be someone with a large ratio, since anyone you recognize has posted at least a fair number of times.
Is there anyone who only ever uses the Shoutbox but not the forums?
And do shouts count?
Christmas cards?
This sounds like a job for P R O G R A M M I N G.
I kind of want to compile a list of users who only ever seem to post in one thread. Seems like Golgot and Tacitus never leave the videogame thread, for example.
Yeah, I already linked to their initial coverage of the film's Cannes premiere. Jarmusch is definitely on the list of directors I'll try to see anything by, but from the sounds of it he's made quite a dud (and not in that overly obtuse arthouse kind of way either). I guess I'll report back when (if?) I get the chance.
The A.V. Club is not impressed with Jarmusch's zomfest.

"To watch a comedy by this eternal cool cat, like Mystery Train or Stranger Than Paradise, is often to feel like youíve been invited to the hippest party in town. But The Dead Donít Die, populated by the directorís usual clique of rock stars and boho icons, is more like that same party at the ass-end of the night, when everyoneís tired and the quips arenít landing ."

That's a savage take.
James Cameron, give me something to cheer about again.
The saga of Fox's X-Men is finally ov... Well, New Mutants has to be released somewhere on some platform.

Blame it all on James Cameron's robo-carnage feature.