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Put it in your checked baggage. Duh.
But what if for once he's taken the striped instead of the checked baggage?
Deliver me more clothes!

So like Im always swimming in clothes. Im trying to stop it. Oh lord deliver me!
I have a clothes shopping addiction. We despise that part of my soul.
If its a coke thermal detonator they will take it out of checked luggage but they didnt say anything about sabers.
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Yeah, always take your lightsaber with you. Count Dooku might show up.
Never make it through security.
Put it in your checked baggage. Duh.
Its always crazy when you see a big dude. Cuz you gotta stop and go “woah, that is a big dude.”
I hope you gained something at least...

Off topic. I got maybe 30 minutes left in the day but WOW has this one been a painful day. I'm of the mind to post here for the rest of the day =\ or at least casually scroll through other people's posts.