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I was so cute back then 🤗
I hear that's as good as fiber.
You need less nougat.
Yeah, I hear you, to quote ĎSmithereensí.
It worked out in the end when I landed where I am now, but I was left scrambling for about 3-4 months.
The future is never certain. Thatís all I know. I had a dire need to return to a job, but I had pissed off the head of HR and they lied about company hiring policy to keep me from returning. I was a model employee and everyone I worked under wanted me to return when I asked. But HR blocked it hardcore. Just consider the power and arrogance in that act.
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Even then donít do it.
Yeah, I know. But I wouldnít piss them off as such. Just kind of calmly explain why with the sky-high salaries 5 people left in the last 4 months and Iím the 6th. Anyway, youíre right, I shouldnít.
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Take it from me and personal experience. Never piss off the HR department unless you have zero intention of returning.
Oh I would never! Of course never say never and blah blah blah. But they wonít be able to afford me, for starters. And I really canít see that happening. Would rather switch industries altogether.
In America, the HR department is more Old Testament than New.