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Originally Posted by ynwtf
Pancakes are so inefficient. All 'round n stuff. You can only stack 'em. eh, even if you square those cantankerous circles they're just still so floppy! Now waffles, on the other hand, those are marvel's of structural ingenuity. Rigid. Square! Gridded. Crispy golden brown.
Have you ever had pancakes in France?
I didn't like 'em as they gave me the crÍpes.
They might not look like it, but they sure had chemistry like twins
Good movie
I watched this movie one time and it was called Twins. It had Danny devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. They didn't look like twins tho. The movie was very unrealistic.
Some twins didnít make it
22 people I hope? Else there's a lost twin floating around.
No, I meant 11 sets of twins
That would be Matrices.
There are 11 Matrix movies now?
You really need to see the first 11 to understand the 12th one
I just started Ocean's 12 and I gotta say those Matrix twins really let themselves go.