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My mind immediately went to the danger of installing cams on my property that some corp has continuous access to. I am already the guy that leaves my phone in my coat pocket across the house in hopes I might be able to have a private conversation 3 rooms away.
I wish. Their ecosystem is so closed down. I was already annoyed by their shady privacy tactics but the quality of the camera was great for $2.99. Cancelling because of the $1 increase is a principle thing.
Has to be a decent quality self-contained solution out there. I just thought it would be funny if you could hack the Arlo stuff and use it for free ad infinitum...
I also might just wait until I can afford a NVR and go that route. But those have some expensive startup costs.
They have a hub that will let you record to a local hard drive, but the consensus among the community is that its shit. And the hub is an extra $100. Im going to eventually switch over to Eufy. In the meantime, I have Blink cameras that already come with local recording for free. Quality leaves a lot to be desired, but **** Arlo.
Can you hack it to set up recording to your own device at home?
It's like...ya wanna nickel and dime me to get an extra $12 dollars a year? How bout I cancel and you get $0 dollars a year. Idiots. And yes, I have already canceled.
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That security gear crap out already?
They sent an email this morning announcing EOL for all their products that used to have free 7-day rolling video recording, of which I have one. Also raised the prices of their subscriptions, and I was paying $2.99/monthly for a single camera, but it's going to $4.99/monthly or $3.99 if you get the new annual subscription.
That security gear crap out already?
Well, Arlo is now an awful company.
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Ugh. Sums!
Yea! And those lame ass quotients, too!