The Shoutbox
Shoutout to HBOMax for pushing back the MK movie and getting that money!
Opening shot is JUST like The Pelican Brief!!! I think. I really can't remember.
Anyone still slinging physical media has got the right idea. It was nightmare finding a copy of Steamboy English dub recently.
Yeah, they got me now, I just might sign up and cancel.
It's that enough to go on?? a corner.

Never put together that Vernon Wells was the guy from Commando, Mad Max and Weird Science .
You could always change the Accessibility settings.
Trying to use a phone, pupils dilated, gonna be miseducated.
Hmmm...looks like your link is broken. That isnt showing a GotG scene. Yeah. No mention of needing a leg, needit anywhere.
is still the best scene from the MCU