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just watched uncut gems

i wanna gamble now
Originally Posted by Yoda
Here's a useful test case: what about standup specials? Comes in nice < 1 hour chunks.
Yeah, at least they're short. I've seen Demetri Martin's If I, which was good and Richard Pryor's Live in Concert, which was meh.
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RoboDoc is awesome!
I told you so!
RoboDoc is awesome!
whenever i see that Weinstein logo

Originally Posted by Mr Minio
Sorry, I'm not into comedy shows.
Jet Lag isn't a comedy, for whatever it's worth. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to you.

Originally Posted by Mr Minio
I think I just mostly don't find them funny or entertaining enough to warrant the enormous combined duration time needed to complete them. And I'm quite crazy about completing something ASAP because watching other things in between makes me feel like I'm constantly taking myself out of the mood of that long thing I'm watching.
Here's a useful test case: what about standup specials? Comes in nice < 1 hour chunks.

Also, some forms of comedy have no ongoing narrative the way sitcoms do, so perhaps that would suppress the completionist impulse.
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Originally Posted by Death Proof
I have to pee.
Thanks for the update. I was just about to ask if anyone had to pee.
That's truly offensive I'm in tears. You forgot about the people who have to poop
Originally Posted by John McClane
Be honest; you just don't like to laugh. But I will grant you it is cheaper than anti-aging cream.
Nah I just think Minio prefers obscure HK films from the 1970s
Just watched the latest episode of X-Men '97. The ending hits the feels big time.
Anyone have a Dune 2 popcorn bucket to sell? Mine is... soiled.