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Grats on that half-year delivery service! Looks sharp. Awesome it finally came. Now you need to live stream some Enter Sandman and write a MOFO theme
Recommend me some gr8 song to dance to!!!!!!!!1111111
Iím just glad this is still up there because I donít have the original video anymore.

With a little truth sprinkled in because I donít use it. And whatís Buttchute?
Re: YouTube

It was a joke.
I hadn't watched Robocop in a long time, but the things that stick in my brain.

1. Dick Jones looks like the Slender Man when he is falling out the window.

2. The man on the street interviews with "Keva Rosenberg"

Let's see a picture of that gem, DD!
I went to Guitar Center and after walking around for 15 mins with no one talking to me, I walked out.

I think I'll just keep this Tele clone. Haven't played it yet, but I like the Tele sound.

I went on Amazon and bought a hard case and a Joker guitar strap. I mean, it fit the color scheme
*clackity-clackity-looks up BitChute*