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guys what if will died... did you ever think about that? we'd never know. the most painful thing would be watching his name slide down the shout leader list as other, less worthy people make their name.
I had to triple-check because it didn't seem right, but the posts were actually pretty spread out yesterday. You added a lot, but there were even more in the Song Tournament. And there was also just a lot of decent activity all over. So that's even cooler.
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I just noticed we broke the all-time single day post record last night. I assume SC did a couple of commentaries.
Yay! And I did it while watching Young Guns.
How many times have you seen it now?
A guy who looks just like the pope is sitting across from me at a restraunt
I might have smirked a little, especially since I could've just said "butts are funny."
Something tells me you were probably smiling while you typed that.
The primary hilarity of posterity is its linguistic proximity to posterior.
Love that word, posterity. I don't often get to use it.
Ahh, sorry! If you want to send me the new image URL I can update it for posterity.
Great... someone closed a thread while I was in the middle of editing my post... now there are crosses instead of wobbly bums bums bums bums.