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Name the number one item you would find in an automobile glove box.
Ol' EP blowing raspberries.
Pew pew zap zap!
Youíre not wrong.
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Bar stools are one of the things that totally confuddle me - they're generally not shaped like a bar at all really
Bar stools is actually a b*stardisation.
Their real name is Bar's Tools.

Bars use them to get people to stay and buy more beer.
Didnít notice. Too busy floating in the ocean trying to catch my breath haha
Sounds painful.
There wasn't a little green feller with one hand bandaged and a constipated look on his face anywhere near the vicinity was there?
Nothing like being thrown from a jet ski going 50 mph. My arm bent in directions it wasnít meant to
The ones you can sit on, silly!

Oh wait.......
Cuz one you could reshape. Though I wouldn't recommend doing so.