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Huffington Post enthusiasts? Do those even exist?
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I know nothing about the term, but I'll bet "trading paint" refers to scraping up against another car.
Or a term used by huffing enthusiasts.
I know nothing about the term, but I'll bet "trading paint" refers to scraping up against another car.
Are you sitting there thinking, "My life would be so much better if there was a dirt-track racing movie featuring John Travolta, Michael Madsen and Shania Twain?"

The other part is the "no guns, going old school" trope. Like really, we going Ewoks now. This will be fun

I'm still excited for it, I just think the trailer would have been better served leaving out beach fight.
I guess. It wasn't a culture comment, but the jarring shift from cgi, impossible camera shots to something that just looks like a generic fight scene you've seen 50eleven times.
Well, it is meant to be a spin-off featuring the F&F series' two main brawlers so it would make sense to focus more on the different types of fighting they could do (and the first part of that trailer is a relatively generic hallway fight).

Also lmao at comparing the haka to line-dancing, that's the kind of thing that could get your ass kicked.
It really breaks "the trailer" . Like, "When did I start watching a different movie".

Maybe Dwayne has one guaranteed script note written into his contract.
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I think Hobbs and Shaw is gonna come to a grinding halt when they hit that 3rd act

"Here's an idea. Let's take a pseudo MI/Bond movie about cars and technology and throw in a beach front fight scene that looks like a bunch of people line-dancing."

A complete 180 good/bad from the 1st trailer to the 2nd.
Pretty sure it ground to a halt once it brought on the director of Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2.

Besides, people loved it when a Bond movie decided to have its 3rd act take place in a run-down mansion instead of in some exotic underground lair so, y'know, not without precedence to change things up like this.
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Is it bad to say American Gangster is my favourite Ridley Scott film instead of Alien
No, the bad thing to say would be that Alien: Covenant is better than Alien.
Alien Covenant is a disgrace
It was one of my favourite films of 2017.
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Anybody know how to disable the image in a youtube link so it will link to text?
Replace www. with m.
Thanks man