The Shoutbox
If the first bit of Umbrella Academy is any sign, Netflix isn't gonna miss Marvel.
Pete Rose sat on a tack.

Pete Rozzze from the ashes of the phoenix.
"Without ashes to rise from the phoenix would just be a bird standing up."
One really ought to expect a phoenix to rise from the ashes and begin anew though
Remember when Joaquin Phoenix retried? We were all like, damn... what's he gonna do for a living now? Turns out hes acting. Weird right?
@Swan - lol wtf
John Bob Diddly Bob retired at age 4, after starring in the masterpiece "Baby and the Bib". A damn shame, because he had a promising future.
Paul Newman retired in his early 80s, although he may have been sick at that point. But I do recall an interview where he said he was retiring because after 80, even though he still could do a character and recall his lines - he "didn't feel sharp. "
It seems these actors who are more concerned with craft than celebrity feel these limitations keenly ( even if we as an audience don' t see the change ) and decide to step out. I guess we have to respect that, though I'd love to see Gene Hackman on screen one more time.
Gene Wilder retired early-ish, too. He turned to writing and painting and just kept to himself a lot. He was remarried by that point (after Gilda died) and quite happy and content to live a quiet life in New England. Can't say I blame him.
Hackman turned down a voice-over cameo for Scorsese. Hes pretty serious.
Hackman did it, too. Which is kind of a shame, imo. Although, he does say that if a small crew came to intimately make a tiny picture he liked, he'd do it from home with them. Wonder if he still feels that way.