The Shoutbox
Like fly, or Fly-ahh-ahh-aye-ah-aye-ee-ii-ii?
No buttons, no zippers, no Velcro.

Snaps. Oh yeah, we fly AF, yo!
Old Navy is not a bad deal if you go for the higher priced items. Got me some sweet jogger pants.
The great thing about golf, if you're not any good, clubs aren't gonna help.

Plus, with the size of some drivers nowadays, I feel like a "rebel" for using "normal" size clubs.
I started looking at golf clubs on eBay. I'm sure it's like anything else, one more page.

No need for underscoring - that's exactly the reason why I had so few viable options
underpants are overrated.

should I have underscored that?
I'm wearing underpants today that I last wore some thirteen years ago. Sadly not for reasons of weight but more a serious shortage of viable options.
I wore a shirt today that I haven't worn in a year or two, and the back is stretched hard over my back now...Shirt used to hang off me. I guess I have put on a bit of weight!
Well, my waistline has finally forced my hand: I had to buy new pants.
For some other reason: