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That's a pretty good impersonation, yeah.
THEY'RE NOT AWFUL!!! unless, of course, you meant awful of awesomeness.
The fact that the home page only shows the last shout has led me to invent the game "read Chyp's awful pun and try to reverse engineer the innocuous idiom that led to it."
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Summer sale?! 50% OFF?!?!
That's a very decent offer indeed, I'll pass though as personally I don't mind Autumn, Winter or Spring. Hopefully you'll find a buyer
****. I've been without HRT since Saturday and I just found out that the doctor I saw last is no longer with the practice. ****
Summer sale?! 50% OFF?!?!
I just completed The Wire again, wow, what a great and complicated show...
paaaaasss the gassy to tha left-one-time!
*passes it straight back, I don't want it
Trying to lock down methane emissions. *passes gas*

Oh ****
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This is why I still have an old-school 7000+ strong mp3 library of songs that I actually OWN and that dont self-regulate.
Yeah, most of my 17,000+ song collection is either physical (the vast majority) or in digital format from outside of iTunes as well. As long as I can find workarounds for some of the little niggles with iTunes I'm not averse to purchasing the odd album via that route, this was the first time I've needed to completely exclude certain tracks (filler content basically) and they are not a problem anymore.
Fair enough. Insightful, that.