The Shoutbox
Back in my college chat room days there was this cat that would pop in, went by the name-ah HalfAxe, I believe. He would show up and start chatting random half conversations to the room in odd broken English. It wasn't a foreign style, just like the way people post cat memes with that cat-English mix. Oh. He wore a shaggy cat avatar. Made sense lol. Anyway. The guy would hang out, reply to questions no one asked and ignore the questions people actually did ask, and he'd flirt with any user name that looked to be female. He was a trip.
for illegal trading
I am calling police

Eclict - $2
Clitec - $5
Lectic - $8
Ticcle - $25

(You never met me, okay!)
While I give you the place, where I got this spell from
and giving just spells
Nah, you are too expencive
You forgot about ARATHEOIDOR?
I have no idea what you're talking about. Someone's...selling Celtic spells?