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I broke out and made my escape from one rigged word game only to be caught in another word game. Maybe AI can fix this for me in the next round. I will not give up.
mmmm radio cracklins.
now i listen to the radio crackle, but at least it's free! mostly
i miss the years of OiNK and What.CD. oh the lengths i went to get FLAC
"You Make My Dreams", when I saw them.
Ill never get to find out what Hall and Oates closes a live show with 🥺
Estoy necesitas pasaporte!
Speaking of which, I decided to start my own passports business. If you'd like a free passport to any country, drop your credit card info and social security number in the chat and you should receive it in 3 to 4 business days.
Yeah the spam is getting a little frisky the past week or so