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I'm searching for a movie which I watched once on TV I don't remember the name or the actors. I remember just few scenes from the movie which I watched and I never got to finish the movie. If you could please help me find this movie name it will be very helpful.
So here it goes...
So the main actor is sort of a police/detective and whose girlfriend sort of broke up/fights with him.... Next up he's assigned a case where he is supposed to speak to the female actor of the movie who's being followed to be killed in a way...

In a scene she is home and gets fresh and at night when she's standing in her balcony there is an explosion in her room luckily she falls off into the water and is sort of saved...
The main actor the cop he arrives and asks her about what happend

Next some scenes later

I remember they are running away from the bad guys who are trying to kill the female actor who has some information which could expose them.
Apparently the bad guys are more or less like seal trained and have a lot of help from some people who are working remotely from a place.. But these guys are well equipped with the guns and stuff and are after the duo(female actor and male actor) male actor calls up for help...
They are still running from the bad guys
They end up hiding in a pizza shop at a point.
But the bad guys show up at the pizza shop top and kill the male actor who is a cop his friends. They manage to run from there and still being chased

Next scene I remember they are On train traler Or so and it gets a bit hot in there as I remember some chemistry between them..

Further I don't remember what happened or else

Another details a female is killed in a house somewhere in the middle... This female is different from the main actor..

Please if you could find the movie it will be great.. Thank you
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Brittany Murphy
gosh i cried so much when she passed away yrs ago she was one of my favorite childhood actress during the 90s D= i still love her movies
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Yes, my favorite character by far. That voice :angel:
uhn-ka haynk.
Brittany Murphy
Ladybird? Knowing it's coming?
I always get a little bit sad when I rewatch King of the Hill.
Oh don't be koi.