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I shout sometimes, but usually forget and never "check back"
I'm just over 5k now =\ lot of trolling, this one does.
man. i was staring you down checking the shoutbox stats and about to call you out when I realized you said post count =\
Meanwhile, in a MoFo galaxy not so far away... I just hit 19k posts on the site.
3PO is mega annoying in Attack of the Clones. Terrible stuff.
I started the Star Wars prequels this past weekend. It's taken all of Monday to watch EP1 and I'm maybe halfway into EP2 now, watching maybe 30 minutes or so a night. While I'm not as "offended" as I was when these were released theatrically, I still think they're pretty rough and feel rushed. Acting is dry from most all involved with the exception of Neeson. He seemed genuinely warm and thoughtful in his role. McGregor still feels out of place and a bit too over eager. Maybe just me though. There are moments when Christensen seems to nail it, but mostly he's just clodding along. For those moments though, I have to wonder if it's casting or ...directing. R2 did great though. Maybe I can finish the trio by end of weekend.
If it's snowing in Texas that must mean its a cold day in hell, and I got a lot of promises to collect on from ma and pa.
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I hope any Texans out there are doing okay and staying warm.
Was about to post the same sentiments. I spoke with a friend around Houston and they got snow!?! I believe NPR noted half of Houston was out of power. Friend lost power early Monday if I understood right. 14 degrees that night. Crazy. I hope you all are safe out there.
I hope any Texans out there are doing okay and staying warm.
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