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Oh don't be koi.
...unless it's a really big goldfish.
can't live inside a goldfish.
I should have gotten a goldfish.
As someone who has a 80 lb dog I have found that there is no such thing as renting below means. Most places here wont even consider you and, if they do, its going to cost 30% more than whatever the place is worth.
Originally Posted by Yoda
It's a good decision overall/long-term, but yeah, just not immediately in most places.

But owning over renting is definitely the way to go.
Not so fast my friend! One example would be all the people who bought at the peak of the last housing bubble. There is also the argument for renting (below your means) and investing the difference, in addition to the time is money aspect of no maintenance.

Sure, just renting forever isnt optimal.
Ideally, whatever I end up moving to I want it to be new/newish. Probably going to spend the next 20-30 years there, so I don't wanna hate it.
Buy a used camper?
I'd be looking to build a 800sqft house on a 1-2 acre lot. Based on the estimates I have in front of me that would be right around $160k.

I wonder if I could get that price down with cardboard walls.
My commute is primarily across town by way of back roads, but the extra commute would be farm land and S bends.
Yeah, an extra 20 minutes down the road from where I am now would bring my commute to about 50-60 minutes, which I do not mind at all. Since it would put the property in another county with cheaper property taxes.