The Shoutbox
I've got my stereo hooked up to my tv right now....AHHHHHH Football coming out of 5 speakers...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Super Bowl today. Just thought I'd say that.
HOORAY FOR TRAVIS!!!! I was hoping he would make it through the night...
Well I'm off. School in the morning. I hope you all have a nice day here at MoFo and in the Shoutbox. I'll seeyou tomorrow night, your time. I end with this: TRAVIS LIVES (still)!
I don't consider "Moulin Rouge" an Australian film oddly enough. It's close to home, but it's not. Do you know what I mean? I think I will post a topic.
I haven't seen "the Castle" I think Mad Max is great also Road Warrior plus Peter Weir's stuff you should post a topic Silver
I bet it is. I was just discussing best Australian movie with a friend today. I thought I might start a post on it. I have to say that I think the best Australian film would be "The Castle". It's very funny, and very heartfelt. I'm a big fan of it. Opinions?
Quigley Down Under .... With Tom Sellack it's a western that take place in Australia I really loved it as a kid but know it's alright. you should check it out if just for the fun of it and it's lovelt Score
Never even heard of it. What movie?
Australia Quigley Down Under Style do you dig that movie Silver
Eight at night. I live in the "Future". In a couple of hours it will be Monday. Dun, dun, dun!