The Shoutbox
What is with that Patti?!
So annoying! Stay! Stay!

Just so you know, stage on of the speech thing is over, I have had my interview (80%). I think I did good. Next step -- the speeches themselves. Whish me luck.

I'll be back tonight with the result.
hi guys. goodnight guys.
Back for a limited season: ME!
Naw...I'd be pretty surprised if that were the case. I do think it's mostly done, though. Usually we hear about it when a final cut is in -- some movie news site comes out with the official length. I think it'll be done in time of course...but I don't think it's finished yet.
Hey who knows...the thing could be completed
With incomplete CGI work, I assume?
Yup, that's right Chris, they screened Spider-Man for a film festival...the lucky bastards....
More cow bell baby!
Thanks sir. I'm sure I'll do swellegantly.

I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix!
I;m on the drug that killed River Phoenix!