The Shoutbox
That was simply filthy.
And least with fish sticks theres no muss, no fuss.
You just wrap it arou...HEY!

Nice try. I'm not stooping to your level, you dingo-chasing punk.
There's no where for it to go with Italian food. How can you enjoy a pizza in that way?
No prob Silver. It's actually neat, I can go in and make you active without you needing to do the email.

Having chicken and rice...very good
Oh, pizza. My first and only true love. Well, 'cept for Lasagna. But with lasagna it's more like a torrid love affair.

Don't look at me that way, Matt. You dig apple pie and fish sticks, I prefer spending time with Italian food. So what's wrong with that?
Um. K.
I have to do homework today.
You guys are way too much of a disturbance I hope you know.

Thanks for the PM's Spud.
Good to know.
I is good too.
I'm fine...a little hungry...
We are all well, I believe.