The Shoutbox
She's deaf?
Yeah, but what's her problem? I don't think it was any of the one's you listed Silver...I've seen three of those episodes...
"She's got man hands."
"She eats her peas one at a time."
"Bit of a close talker."
"She wasn't my type."
I didn't say anything about about wrapping pizza around manhood. I didn't finish what I was saying. Is that what you thought I meant? SICK!

I love that episode.

"He knows how to read!"
Chickens don't have nuggets.

Hey...I was watching the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating this girl where her friends say that it's nice of him to be doing that...and George has to find a kid for the scholarship...Kramer sells his life story to Peterman for a book. What is Jerry's girlfriend's problem? I keep having to leave.
Wrapping pizza around manhood isnot as disgusting as ramming fish sti...

"Sticking feathers up your butt doesn't make you a chicken."

Filthy? Pshaw. Not compared to your fish stick rants. Just saw most of Men in Black -- funny stuff. Can't wait for the sequel.
Yeah, so I've heard. I really have to see it.
At the same time I have a heap of films I need to see, I still consider myself behind somewhat. Reservoir Dogs, Lost Highway and Blue Velvet are the next in a long, long line.
WHA!? You haven't seen Fight Club? Aside from the fact people think there are gay subliminal messages, it's a very twisted and bizzare movie. But funny once you watch it once through.
Haven't seen it. Ah, so shoot me.

Well....I will be back later..I'm thinking about popping some popcorn and watching Fight Club tonight...ahhhh....Fight Club...