The Shoutbox
"And I was talking about how it's really not such a bad word."

"And it's about this time she mentioned the boyfriend?"
I'll check the IMDb ratings then.
Thanks all the same.

"I looooove horse manure."
Bizzaro Superman...

"Does he live under water?"
"Is he black?"
"Alright, that's enough."
"If we pick, do we not bleed?
I am not an animal!!"
The Golden Bowl is just OK, The Closet isn't bad (but not great). Haven't seen the others.
I need to choose two of these films to see,which ones would you reccommened, hoping of course, that you've seen them:

Bread and Tulips
The Golden Bowl
The Closet
Vertical Ray of the Sun
There's Only One Jimmy Gimble
"Street toughs took my armoire?
"I'm Cosmos Kramer, the @ssman."