The Shoutbox
I'm good, Silver. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you. T-minutes 210 minutes, I think.
I'm popping in to say hi before the awards start live and I have to go under radio silence, no internet and no television until seven thirty tonight.

It's sad.

How are you all?
That's around $143.59 as of October of 2001; dunno what the precise exchange rate is now, though.
Hey guys.
How much is that in American dollars?
im tmepted to spend £100 on the stanley kubrick dvd set... is that too much?
Bye Chris!

*muttering under my breath* Silly little computer geek.
I'm out; movie time. Later guys. I love you all!
Well, I'm not your child.

" Uh, morning Mommy."

---Chris, I'm not your mommy.

Hi Holden! *pinch*
I've got a bunch of tranquilizer in the basement. I'm ready.

Sure I'll live to be 80. I'm 17; I think I'm invincible. Anyway, the concept is the thing.