The Shoutbox
The Oscar broadcast starts at 5:00pmPST/8:00pmEST, but the actual ceremonies begin at 5:30PST/8:30EST.

And get on-line and order yourself a copy of Chinatown ASAP. How can you walk around on this planet not having seen Chinatown?!?
Hey Hold's:

Join the Oscar Pool now.
The instructions are in the Definitive Oscar thread.
What's even worse was I have never seen Chinatown. I was totally geeked to get home and pop it in, but Noooo!!!! It's a damn floater!

I picked it up at Suncoast too, which means they only have one copy in stock. They've got a great selection, but no depth and high prices.
Nope... I think it starts at 5 PT
Floater DVDs - a real pisser.

The Oscars begin around 8:30pm EST - that's still three hours from now.
Hey, hey!
Started yet?
Yup! I spent four and a half hours at the mall today just to score enough brownie points. This way I can watch the entire thing and not be bothered!

Of course I did pick up two DVD's as payment for going to the mall. City on Fire and the Total Recall SE. I originally had Chinatown but the disc wasn't locked in place and ended up being scratched before I even had a chance to open it... definitely one of my pet peeves in life!
Yola Mose. Oscars comin' up. Hoo-ray.
Evening all! Just got back from Ice Age... what a riot!
I'll come by in about twnety minutes.
I'll be changing my Yahoo tips.
I can't do it at home, and I really need to.

I hate time zonation.
I'll see you all soon.
Hope you're well..
I'm good, Silver. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything for you. T-minutes 210 minutes, I think.