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Iroquois logs on to check if hes
forgotten his password yet.
A great American comedian and author made a travel show in Tokyo. I believe he was in a Namco/Bandai store going by a glass case of intricately detailed figurines.

Randomly stuck between all the mechs and anime characters was a Jamiroquai. In the year 2024.
And we circle back to Jamiroquai.
I'm gonna make something to eat and watch a movie.
I find myself caring less and less about music and more about movies every day. I think most people feel the same.

Now that there isn't a million wanna be rock singers running around like there was in the 80s and 90s you dont hear that starving musician joke anymore. Now that one has turned into a "starving youtuber" joke.
Unless of course, you're Taylor Swift.
People with advanced creative abilities are skipping over the music industry when choosing a career and contributing their ingenuity in more lucrative and less stressful lines of work. Thats why great young musicians are becoming fewer and less frequent every year.
They were playing 90's pop music on the intercom yesterday at work. Back then people would be dissatisfied and say "where did the good rock music go?" Now, 20+ years later I'm listening to it and realizing how well crafted and nicely produced those tunes were. Listen to what they play everywhere now and these newer tunes don't even come close. And to think people complained so much back then, theyd be horrified now.
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Only a sith deals in absolutes
That sounds pretty absolute in itself. Are you a Sith lord?
I love that show!
That show has a weird hold on people. And by people I mean me.