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Sayonara, Bernie!

What?!? What are you saying?!? Who gonna give me all this free stuff and guarantee everybody's wages during the pandemic, now?

That Bill Maher hit must not have helped...
But won't all the sheets tear in the wrong place now?
thank god i don't live in america, having to buy toilet paper from the internet. that's a all new level of pathetic.
I just scored of case of Cottonelle off Amazon: 60 rolls.
Sayonara, Bernie!
Paging Captain Spaulding.
Nothing wrong with a bit of fluff.
Shame there's not more who post the filler shouts tbh.
I almost furgot about those...
Typical. Not a single humorous quip for ages and then all of a sudden it's pelting down with 'em.
That joke, was furry nice.