The Shoutbox
Matt plz tell me you are at home
sick? Aw Mattikins...what's the matter?
I've taken a liking to our new guy and nothing beats this guy when the mood so strikes ( I know you guys were thinkin' I'd use but nuh-uh...he's over.)
I am so sick.
Love me.
i dunno this feller is used by Spudly all the time and bullet just cant resist using that one me personally i just love the old cheesy grin
Smilies were created to be used and abused, Knightmare; used and ABUSED!
yeah good beer i will agree with that, nothing will beat the good old VB i just love downing two of those on a hot day but in the Mount Gambier hot days are VERY RARE and it seems us Aussies are well known for our ad's, i mean if thats something to get excited about than heck i dont want to know what your commercials. ( i had to add a smilie i mean five of the last seven shouts have)
Good question! I think you have great beer, though! Fosters is nummers and the commercials aren't half bad.
We live in the future you live in the past, so how is it you guys are so advanced over us?
It's 10:03 in the PM. So it's good evening, just like I said. You live in Tomorrowland.
afternoon Sades how has your day or night been? im still not up with the timezone difference