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SC: he called you "son." As a joke, you called him "mother." Hence, you're the kid. So, he calls you "kiddo," but seeing as how I hate being called kiddo, and Silver knows that, I thought he was just trying to p*ss me off.
Just wait for what Chris has to say.
It should make sense to you then. If what I said has made sense to him.
I called S.C "son".
He called me "mother".
I said "Shutup, Kiddo" to him, once again using the "younger nickname" stance. But you shouted and it seemed as though I was saying that to you.

Does I makes sense?
Naw, SC...Bullet Boy is the one asking for it.

Pigsnie is cool? Was I absent that day? I was unaware. Sorry, methinks Pigsnie has a drop of Holden's "royal" blood in 'im.
That wasn't aimed at you, Chris. That was aimed at the mother comment, nickname debate with S.C.

Thankyou most graciously for the banner. If it was too much trouble, I'm sorry. I will pay you back when the time is right and the moon doth shine high and we both know that the time is right.


Pay me $1 and I'll advertise your site in the shoutbox.
What's a moro deity? We follow The Pigsnie cuz he's cool.
Oh man, you're asking for it.
Shutup, kiddo.
SC is your nickname, man.

Yeah, the bloody banner's been added to the rotation. Before, the "default" banner was always the Survey banner...I won't explain how default banners work just now (too long and boring, I think). Anyway, now the Survey banners make up 20% of the default banners, and yours is 80%. And that's free, bud. You owe me...umm...I dunno. Some Cheez Pringles. Yeah, that's it.
I just called you son, son.
I did just then.
I don't normally. I have a range of names for him, Spudly and Sadie. And on occasions Patti and Thmilin and anyone else. But I have a long range of nicknames, son.