The Shoutbox
T-minus ninety minutes (or so) and counting...
thanx holden, now i get it, you guys have some very strange lanuage, so i guess your calling me a retard Chris? i get it now, im not that dense
"Happy Birthday" as defined by the MoFo glossary. It's all because of THIS silly thread.
come on spudly put me in the loop man, whats with the happy birthday?
hey Chris you can delete those threads that i created in the Actors, Directors section they are just a waste of space right now and i would do it myself but your the one that has permissions to do it
i just found out, silvers not even at da skool
He'll get a kick out of it.

See ya' later.
hell get a kick out out of it or will he kick me out of it? alright i will do it now, but if i dont come back you know its because he killed me catch ya later Chris, and im crossing my fingers that the server stays on its best behaviour, BYE MATE
Just ask Silver. Tell him I told you "Happy Birthday." He'll get a kick out of it.
is it yours? the sites? Bullets? is it Silver! come on tell me, plz this i have to know or i will burn up with curiousity