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OK, that's too funny. ****ting is bad but having shat is rad.
That reminds me of the time I shat out a kidney...
I just had a brown baby boy...
Is it pants pooping time? Because I'm trying to get in on that fad.
Wait a minute ..... Seds is Yods grandpappy?!?!?
Originally Posted by Sedai
I know a certain little poopy pants that is 6 months old today!
Congrats, Dad!
Originally Posted by JoaoRodrigues
Just the cast for the next Wes Anderson movie, The French Dispatch.
Bill Murry and Owen Wilson were a given.
No mice in office, but the boss has 2 dogs. I'm afraid to grab them by the tail and sling them around like that though else I may get fired.
Maybe move your desk back about 2'11" - that should at least either stop or partially curtail the pacing

Alternatively if you have long arms perhaps try adopting the 'windmill' approach to mousing or typing
at times that would be most appropriate. nice guy. just UGH not much on self awareness.
Would I be right in that the IT in that shout = Idiotic Twit?