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I can see us all in 20 years saying ďremember when Marvel did that MCU thingÖI donít miss thatĒ.
I stopped watching MCU movies after Endgame. The amount of homework I had to do to understand what was happening greatly outweighed the hints of enjoyment I was getting out of a given entry.
Thor LnT may be the last one I see. As much as I like Guardians, I donít think I can handle the needle drops the new movie will surely have.
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At this point, Marvel is like a waiter who keeps pestering you to look at the dessert and drink menu even though you insist you're full.

I am seeing Thor tonight, however, mainly because I've seen everything else in theaters I want to see and Taika Waititi directed it.
May I suggest a fantasy adventure? One that will surely lift the spirits of any of the tribe Tolkien disappointed.

The narrator may have a continuity issue on his handÖ
Marvel is a lot like heroin.
I don't have Prime anymore and I don't want to subscribe to any more streaming services, so I likely won't watch the Rings of Power show.
I still watch and enjoy Marvel movies.
Originally Posted by Powdered Water
I definitely get the folks that are gonna skip it. I've skipped the last 3 Marvel flicks and don't seem to be feeling aany ill effects
I just can't get excited over Marvel anymore.
I am a nerd with no life, so you know Iíll watch it regardless.