The Shoutbox
I can't believe this conversation is dedicated to Spud's room! I guess when I was living at home, my room was my little nest too.
My TV is a Philips it for my birthday last year.

My desk can get messy sometimes, but I like keeping it clean or I can't find anything. I got that lava lamp for like 29.95, and they're still out for like 39 - 49.95 anywhere I look. I got a real good deal on it
Is the TV a Sharp? My friend's got a lava lamp...which cracks me up because I completely expected him to get one one day. I'm surprised at how orderly your desk and everything is. Is it usually that clean?
Of course, I'm talking about my stereo and not my Lava Lamp...
Yeah TV is 25 inches...Lava Lamp I got a few years back when I was in Ontario California...You'd think that it would be a difficult thing to operate, and my old stereo that I had was a lot simpler when it came to dials. This one though blows my AIWA out of the water...
Yeah, looks nice. Hard to tell for sure, though...I never take the time to get used to all those dials and tuners and all that. Looks cool, though. Nice TV -- 25 inches, is it? Lava lamp -- ahh, the most useless thing in the world. Wish I had one.
My stereo is sweet is it not!?
Dizzone. Gracias.
Check the Intermission!!
Cool. Mine's been pretty good. Played some Madden 2002 on the new TV. I love that TV. Made too much pizza...couldn't finish it. Wow, interesting stuff, eh?
I had the big tv hooked up to my DVD player...popped in Atlantis, and since I had nothing else to do..checked to see if I could get in here and here I am...

I'm having a great day today.