The Shoutbox
So, I get rid of my brother, you get $4 million in cash...but you have to eat applesauce for the rest of your days as a mountain man. Not a bad deal if you can get yourself a 'Net hookup in the cabin.
Perfect! I'm 5'-11"! Oh boy this is gonna work out!
What's your height? My brother annoys the hell out of me and is around 5'11".
I'd have to have a body and I'd have to fake the dental records somehow... yeah, it's all coming together now...
Now that would be cool. You can finally grow that beard, and not look too bad, because people EXPECT a mountain man to have one, after all. Go for it.
I'm worth $4m dead... I'm thinking of faking my demise and becoming a mountain man or something.
Work, work , work... you are correct T! It's drivin' me crazeeeeeeeee
Good Morning World! Cruel World!
Where are you all, dammit?
Hello Holden!
What is with that Patti?!
So annoying! Stay! Stay!

Just so you know, stage on of the speech thing is over, I have had my interview (80%). I think I did good. Next step -- the speeches themselves. Whish me luck.

I'll be back tonight with the result.