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The Shoutbox
Kiddies. Hi Sades.
Hey kiddies! guys are really talkative today...
And the music starts....
...just then, the top of a fez slowly appears bobbing along in the background....
A solitary tumbleweed rolls past.
I wish I was back at the video store, back where everything made sense. I'm tired of bein afraid.
No worries Toose... I've got so many project to work on that I can put it off for a bit
Hey Mose, I'm on it today... my schedule got a bit hairy... I'll send you a PM
i love what i do for a bit... then rapidly lose interest...followed by loss of motivation... loss of efficiency, then i pick my arse up and haul it elsewhere. It makes for a killer CV though
Normally I love what I do... otherwise I wouldn't be doing it I just get pissy in the morning before I ingest my daily allotted caffeine units... Staring at the computer all day trying to figure out how to work Access is a little discouraging, that's all... Oh well... That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger (and more marketable on the job market!)