The Shoutbox
Actually, that song right there and I Want Candy are two different songs.
"Sugar, do do do do do do, oh, Honey, Honey, do do do do do do, you are my candle girl and you got me wanting you..."
Aaron Carter the little crap redid it.

Meanwhile I am now listening to Bicycle by Queen. The playlist will soon repeat itself and we'll be back where we started -- the Beatles.
How many times has that song been redone?
I gather you agree.
Now I'm listening to the original of a soemwhat hilarious song:

Thankyou sir.

I'm listening to music. Beatles.
Best music in the world. Ever.
You could have said that.

What's URL again. I'll come and say Hi.
Then I'll leave.

I meant MY forums
No you're not.
I is still here.