The Shoutbox
Oh, how I wish I could dip that shout in bronze. I won both games, ladies and gents. I'd feel sorry for Sades if I didn't enjoy winning so very much. I had fun, though...and Sades probably did, too. That's what matters.
oops...T whooped me. Pooh-Head.
T is going to get his @ss whooped on everybody!
Yeah, I really am insane about sleeping sometimes. Depends on which house I'm in. At this one (on most weekends), I just can't get to sleep before midnight, for the most part. I slept in til like noon today, and layed in bed until 1...isn't that completely awful?

So, good afternoon everyone. Hola Sades...looks like I just missed you.
I was here. I was bored. I'll come back later. Cya, y'all. Love you's guys.
If we stay up later, we sleep in later.

At least, that happens with most people, I end up waking at the same time no matter what..

Morning All!! Taking a peak out the window and it looks like it's going to be a lovely day.
I don't get the staying up habits of you people. It's insane.
Hello. Going to bed now, though. Sleeepy. Almost 3AM here.
I see you are online.
I may as well say hello.

Spudley, I can't get into my Hotmail where I directed my e-mail and so I can't turn on my account. Would you mind going in there for me, or sending it to another e-mail?
I'm tired so i'm outta here...night all