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Cool. Mine's been pretty good. Played some Madden 2002 on the new TV. I love that TV. Made too much pizza...couldn't finish it. Wow, interesting stuff, eh?
I had the big tv hooked up to my DVD player...popped in Atlantis, and since I had nothing else to do..checked to see if I could get in here and here I am...

I'm having a great day today.
Oh!!! I see. I'd forgotten. Excellent...glad to hear it.
Nope...just decided to see if it would let me into the site and voila... YAY!!! We need a clapping smilie...
Spud: what happened? Get a new job or somethin'? Yeah, I liked the commercials. She can sing...sorry. No denying it.
Yay! Spud! I'm checking out for a bit...catch you all later..if you send me any PMs, I'll get back to them in a little while. Love yous guys!
GREAT NEWS!!! I'm at work right now!!! YAY!!!
You LIKED those horrible commercials! She sings like a three year old. It was especially painful during the," Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah..." part. *cringe*
thanks chris, i'll look in the glossary, and about the Britney commercials, i hate her, but i liked the commercials.
Greetings. The dawn of the new week. Hope it'll be a productive one...