The Shoutbox
I could massages then clean the pool. Yeah, I'll make millions!
I could massages then clean the pool. Yeah, I'll make millions!
Toose, there's an opening in my town for a massage therapist...just so happens, I do the training...make an appointment.
Nah,'s boring.
Ya mean massage? Technology has lost some of its allure...but not all. I've still got things to learn. I've really just moved on into another sort of mystery: how to do these things I know how to do in a way that will produce a desirable result. How to put the technology available to me to practical use, now that I know how to use it.
You know, I'm getting to a point where technology has lost it's mystery and is becoming a real pain in the butt. I think I'm going to be a message therapist or I'm gonna go clean pools.
Got me a GameCube. The hype does not do it's an amazing system. I like pong, too...especially the updated version for the first PlayStation. One of my favorite games of all time, though, is Intelligent Qube, for PS1. Anyone play that? Wow, what a game.
I'm rambling aren't I? Bed time. Night all.
Never played Pong. I'm a child of the next-gen games. Gamecube comes out down here shortly -- guess I gotta say, I just can't wait (hated that film too). I'm so tired. I'm rambling like a Rhinoceros. But then again, what's wrong with being a rhinoceros? I'm all for change. (Name the playwrite. It's on the boards somewhere. I wrote it.) Game time!!
The oldest video game I've ever played is the original "Donkey Kong" -- the one with Mario, Peach, the Barrels and the ape. My favorite video game....hmmmmm. I don't know. I love the first Banjo-Kazooie and am a big fan of the SNES "DK" games.
All this "blip, blip, blip"-ping is bringing back memories of Pong.