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8/10 -- I mention this because it's different, and because I never see it mentioned.. It was just on TCM, I recorded it because of the 93% rating. A little long towards the end, it gets redundant, hence, the 8.

Was a favorite back in the day but haven't watched it forever. Back then I would have given it

Do you know any movies in the same ballpark of good quality?
I still haven't seen it yet, but Teshigahara made another film called The Face of Another that's supposed to be really good.

That's tough because I think it's a very unique movie. I tend to lump it in with other Japanese classics but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're similar types of movies.

I saw it some ten years ago and I remember I was intrigued by this film. 9 out of 10 for me. Your thread reminds me I should re-watch it.
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8/10 very good film.

I can't think of anything exactly similar as it's very unique and metaphorical. Onibaba shares some traits with it I suppose.

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last I checked, which was about a year and a half ago. A fine film by any account.
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Its a
for me.

Matt, you ever watched Akai tenshi aka Red Angel?

Highly recommend.
Thank you. I just tried looking - no luck (yet).. Any videos on Youtube you'd recommend?

One of the absolute best Japanese New Wave films, it's almost a Hitchcockian horror film.

Other lesser type films to check out

The Human Condition

Onibaba (1964)

Himiko (1974)