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  1. 12-07-19
    How did you watch Dead Man's Line? Been looking for that one.
    Amazon Prime
  2. 05-19-19
    Not a big one. I've barely paid any attention to them the last few years but I got caught up in the excitement this postseason. Thought they were on their way to winning another Stanley Cup. I enjoy watching hockey, but it's hard to carve out time to follow another sport.
  3. 05-18-19
    F**k the Bruins!!!!! GO HABS GO
  4. 05-18-19
    F**k the Bruins!
The Irishman   12/01/19
I did think Pacino looked a little odd but then maybe there was an effort to have him look a little more like ...

The Aviator   10/08/18
Going into it this time, one thing that piqued my interest was how they portrayed the filming of Hell's Angels...

Pan's Labyrinth   7/15/18
This and The Shape of Water are two of the best looking movies I've ever seen...

Phoenix   4/08/18
I'm not even sure why I'm mentioning it because it's more of an afterthought now, but at the time, even though...

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